About Me


I am Frank Ehrmantraut, I’m retired and I owned my own business for over 35 years. I’ve always tried to help others and that became a way of life. Starting out from high school I didn’t wait to be drafted I enlisted in the U.S. Army and that proved to be costly as I’m now a disabled veteran but I never complained I just went on living my life and serving others. My background is in communications. I used my G.I. Bill and went to school for electrical engineering. Upon completing my schooling I entered the world of telecommunications installing telephone systems for businesses. In time I started my own business and never looked back. As times changed telephone and computers merged and my company grew. Many years ago I visited Lewiston because my wife has family here and we both fell in love with the area. In 2006 I retired and my wife Ann and I moved here to Lewiston. I soon started serving people again by being a volunteer at the Lewiston community center teaching computer classes to those who wanted to learn about how to use a computer. I also volunteered as a computer instructor at a local church. Now this is just another step along the way, I’m offering a place to find out some useful things, like where to get discounts for veterans and seniors. This is done not for me, but for you and if you enjoy this website, a word to your friends would be greatly appreciated.

Frank Ehrmantraut